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Run Boy Prt 2
With Geo Moon and Victoria Owsnett

Run Boy Prt 2 with Geo Moon and Victoria Owsnett.jpg
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Sticks and stones

Break bones.

Your words cut in deep.

The pain 

In your game,

It haunts me in my sleep

Pull the strings of control

(Of control)

Watch me fall as you sit upon your (throne)

You spin your web of lies

and claim their mine

And there you stand,

A monster not a man

Keep on running boy

Flags of red

My mind hanging by a thread

As the fire within me slowly dies

You've done this before

You can't hide who you are

(How does it feel,)

(Now that you see)

(It's all coming out now

(I'm finally free)

(How does it feel)

(Now that you know)
(The game is over)

(Now everything shows)

Charm me with words

(With loving words)

Loving bombs

Youve got this well rehearsed

Maybe I missunderstood

Your intentions

After all I'm damaged (goods)

Shedding your skin,

Like a snake in the grass

Was empathy too much to ask?
If I put a crown on a clown

I can't expect a king

Time goes on

People catching on

Do you change your mask

To hide who you truly are

Slipping through your grasp,

The lies now turn to sand

Have you started running yet?
Wish I'd done that when we met

I can count all the happy times on one hand

Lost count of the bad times

Dont understand

What I was thinking with you

(What I was thinking with you)
Why I was sticking with you

(Why I was sticking with you)

Even deep down I knew

That you would never come through

You better run




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