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At A Glance

  • With the band originating in the North of England, Not Now Norman are based in Scotland and the North East of the UK

  • Released their debut album 'Its Not This One' in November 2022 which received a rare 10 out of 10 in Powerplay Magazine​ Feb 2023

  • Completed their mini tour to promote the album across the North East

  • They have been featured on BBC Introducing Live Sessions in the North East

  • Since the release of their demo EP in September 2020, they have had most of their tracks released to date played on BBC Introducing North East as well as on Total Rock Radio

  • Won second place in NE Volume Battle of the Bands 2022


  • Played at Lindisfarne  2023 on the MainStage as well as Savfest 2023 in Coalville, Leicester

  • They played at Lindisfarne Fest 2022 at the Viking Brewery Tent before being asked to play a second time at the Main Stage later that weekend

  • In 2021, they were named one of the 'TOP TEN LIVE ACTS TO SEE' by NE Volume Magazine

  • In 2020, they were nominated for several awards including 'Band of the Year' and 'EP of the Year' by Nova Radio, as well as 'Best Alt Act' by RADIO WIGWAM

  • They have 3 music videos that were filmed, produced and edited by the band that features many of their fans

  • During the the pandemic the band performed nightly live-streamed covers and their own music to their audience on Facebook. These livestreams have continued and presently number almost 600 with full engagement from viewers, and they have a fast growing following as a result

  • During the pandemic, the band played at online festivals including Rock the Lockdown and Live Jam at Lockdown, in the latter of which they achieved the the highest engagement of all the performers (over 100) involved 

  • They have supported other bands such as Lesbian Bed Death, Follow Deep and Syteria

Zander Brown - guitar and Taylor Mitchell - vocals.jpg

Left: Zander Brown (Guitarist). Right: Taylor-Grace (Vocalist)

Photography: Paul Murray


"...this is one of the strongest albums I've heard in a long time and all I can really say is that if your are truly a rock fan then you must get this album" - Powerplay Magazine

"...packs more punch than a Champion boxer fighting for that heavyweight title"- ANR Factory

"If Jack Daniels and Coke had a Soundtrack, Not Now Norman would be on it" - RISE NEWCASTLE

"If lockdown hadn’t decimated live gigs for the last twelve months, Not Now Norman should – if there’s any justice in the world – have been storming stages across the UK" - ANR Factory

"...make some time to see this band live in action before they’re opening for Metallica"


"Not Now Norman are the ultimate rock powerhouse." - The Music Files

"Not Now Norman are the powerhouse quartet you need in your life" - Chloe Mogg

"Not Now Norman have honed a diverse sound that’s largely feisty rock that makes you want to belt out the words" -  GigRadar

"You really need to get this band in your life, do it now!" - With Just A Hint Of Mayhem


"OOOFF was the sound I made..." - Point Blank Teesside Magazine

"Great music, great voice" - Dave Hills, Trillians Rock Bar 

"You guys are just awesome" - Michelle Roberts, The Star Inn

Not Now Norman stand out for the strength of their Lady Gaga meets Keith Flint - NE Volume Magazine

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 22.07.28.png


Powerplay Review Feb 2023 prt 1.jpg
Powerplay Review Feb 2023 prt 2.jpg

Powerplay Magazine - Feb 2023

NE Volume Live Review.png

NE Volume Magazine - Feb 2023


TRACK : Shut Your Mouth - Live at Lindisfarne, September 2022

TRACK : Shut Your Mouth.

RELEASE DATE : 23rd of April 2021

Music video features members of our fanbase and other artists.

Not now norman logo (No Background).png

TRACK : End of the Day.

ALBUM/EP : The End of the Day

RELEASE DATE : 29th of May 2020

Music video features members of our fanbase.

Not now norman logo (No Background).png


The band that your earholes aren’t ready for.

Delivering Hard Rock with a strong message in every track. Taylor-Grace commands the front with a hurricane at the back of her throat, belting  her lungs out to Zander Browns relentless riffs. 


Fiercely independent - Not Now Norman are at the helm of everything, from their sound to their image. Over the years since their formation, they’ve interacted daily with their fans - creating a strong, loyal fanbase that grows by the day. 


With their new album Its Not This One released in November 2022, Not Now Normans name is set to spread even further. Over the years they have supported several bands including Follow Deep, Scott Cavanagh, LoGoZ and played many venues such as RISE, Trillians, Bannermans and NE Volume - building a solid reputation musically with a huge stage presence to match.


Taking 2nd place at NE Volumes ‘Battle of the Bands 2022’, Not Now Norman have had several airplays on BBC Introducing in the North East and Amazing Radio. Not Now Norman has appeared in many festivals in 2023, including Lindisfarne 2023 and Savfest 2023. With the band preparing to expand their reach outside of the North East, Not Now Norman are set for an exciting 2024




Truth be told I don’t have any experience on the music circuit other than with Not Now Norman. I didn’t sing in the school play other than in the choir, I didn’t start a band in High School or anything like that. Growing up I spent a lot of time singing to myself in my bedroom where no one could hear me. My Dad, Zander Brown, has been in a few bands and I used to tag along and watch the show. One of my earliest memories was Zander playing guitar on stage in Aberdeen. I used to daydream that one day that would be me on stage but back then I was too shy to mention it. I remember when I was little, my Mum would blast P!NK and The CuLT in the car when we were on our way to hospital appointments and I would picture the same thing.


I picked up the guitar in 1975 as a teenager who wished he was in Black Sabbath!

Since then I played in bands for way too many years to remember, playing nothing but cover songs. I used to try to throw a few of my riffs at various bands with a view to writing our own stuff but I was always met by an ‘are you completely mad?’ look. Taylor-Grace was the first person with who I have been able to indulge my creative style and start writing songs with. I've never even wanted to look at playing cover songs ever again. To say Im really enjoying the ride would be an understatement. It’s a total blast playing live to people with songs you were involved in writing.



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Name: Greg Dean


Band Contact



Phone: 07907597387

Zander Brown

Phone: 07738054520

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