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Burning embers of my heart

My emotions torn apart

Broken pieces

I pick up again

As I walk

Through the valley

Once more

I no longer

Feel the pain

You can't keep up with your own lies boy

Better learn to run

Theres no where left for you to hide boy

Run away back home

Every time I run for the same lies boy

Only to fall down

Only to fall down

(Down, down, down)

Here I am

Running around like I'm blind

Dancing on glass

Feels like I'm losing my mind

I won't break again

You won't make me bend

If you want to hurt me 

You've reached a dead end

You're twisting the truth

If only they knew

The monkeys are flying to pacify you

Don't waste your breath

I know what you are

Your mask fell away

Without leaving a scar

How does it feel

Now that you know

The game is over

Now everything shows

Time after time,

After time, after time,

After time I ask

Is this forever?

Is this forever?


Ooooo ooooo oooo

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